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A Theme for Grav

Built with Foundation6, Bones is ready to handle any customizations you throw its way. Turn on the features you need, turn off the ones you don't, and keep your site lightning quick.

Bones Theme Bones Skeleton

Find this theme and skeleton listed in the official Grav Downloads directory.
Just search for "Bones"

Streamline Your Site

Streamline Your Site

With the Bones Grav theme, use easy toggles to enable and disable all Foundation JS and CSS aspects. Keep your site slim by only loading what you need. Set your preferences for the theme, and if you need to, override those at the page level.

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Animate your content with WOW.js, Zurb MotionUI, and Animate.css. Choose the JS and CSS you need, then mix-and-match style classes to your hearts content.

Easy Page Templates

All page templates are created with their own blueprints file. No sifting through multiple files to find where variables are set. If it's in that page template, it's in that same page's blueprint.